Autumn Mountain

We are in the middle of Autumn – Winter transition now. It is getting very cold lately but this chilling weather is the key to the magnificent sights of nature during this season. When the temperature drops the colour of leaves change from green to yellow or it goes even further to orange and then red. It is due to the chemical reaction in leaves. This is called Autumn Colour and can be seen on the leaves of deciduous plants.

‘Autumn Mountain’ Mochi

So, as one of the sweets for November I wanted to create a sweet in Autumn Colour. I want you to imagine all the mountain changing the colour from its deep green to various colour of yellow, orange and red but in a very tiny scale.

Autumn Mountain 1-2R

This is ‘Autumn Mountain’ Mochi which is made from the image of the colourful Autumn Mountain in my head. Some trees are already almost red but some other trees are still in a gradation of several colours.

Autumn Mountain 3-2R

You might have noticed that there are some star-shaped red spots. These red stars are supposed to be the representation of the leaves of a Japanese maple.

Autumn Mountain 5-2R

The base of this sweet is plain ‘Mochi’ and then covered with the colourful Sweet Bean paste on the top. I also added an extra layer of Sweet Potato paste between the Mochi and the Sweet Bean paste in order to give a soft sweetness and flavour to this sweet.

Autumn Mountain 4-2R

This sweet is Free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil,

Autumn Mountain 2p

The ‘Autumn Mountain’ Mochi is served at Wasoukan Café (Notting Hill, London) until the end of this month.


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