Another Afternoon Tea in October

There were so many things I had experienced this year that I did not have a chance to post on my Blog. This post is one of them and I wanted to introduce it to you before this year ends.

In October one of my friends came to London to see me from Paris and I did not miss the chance to take her for an Afternoon Tea. The last time I had High Tea was spring time this year. I posted the experience on my Blog and received a recomendation of  another restaurant which serves good Afternoon Tea from one of the readers. So I booked a table there and went to have another experience with my friend.

Another Afternoon Tea in London

It is a Viennese Restaurant located in Aldwych of London. It has a quite rich atmosphere with very decorative walls and a European style setting. I had dined in this restaurant before but never been there for Tea time. We were taken to our table promptly and not long after ordering a pot of Earl Grey Tea the traditional three layered cake stand served at our table.

Afternoon Tea1p

The cake stand itself was a quite usual looking one except for the shiny silver cap on top, however, all the food on it looked clearly different from what you normally expect for English Afternoon Tea. It is a selection of Viennese treat.

We started from the bottom plate first. Traditionally on the bottom plate there are sandwiches with thinly cut cucumber and egg mayonnaise with cress. Instead, the plate in front of us had a mixture of four types of unusual looking food with bread.

Afternoon Tea2p

Some of them were open sandwiches with European type bread with smoked salmon and cream cheese topping and also with some vegetarian pate. There was also some bagel with a kind of roasted beef slices and some sandwiches not with a usual bread.

On the middle plate we had a selection of six small cakes. Because they were all one piece each, my friend and I had to share every pieces as we wanted to try everything.

Afternoon Tea4p

There was a blackberry tart and some sponge cakes. What interested me was that they mixed a very English ‘Battenberg’ and also very Viennese ‘Sachertorte’. The six (half) pieces were all good and we happily polished them off.

After enjoying the cakes on the middle plate, we finally moved onto the top plat. When we order the tea at the beginning we were told that we had a choice for the plate, between either normal scones or a wheate-free option. The waiter also suggested that we could have a mixed plate of both. So as I am curious to try any new food, we asked for the mixed plate of course.

Afternoon Tea3p

The fruit Scone and Poppy Seed Gugelhupf came with Strawberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Clotted Cream and Whipped Cream. The wheat-free Gugelhupf had a very light texture with lots of poppy seeds in a small Kouglof shape (Gugelhupf means Kouglof in German). Because it was so light I thought it was very suitable to have at the very end of this tea treat.

Afternoon Tea5p

It was wonderful that we had a very nice waiter. Because the food was very nice we had lots of tea with it. When we wanted to have some hot water to top up the tea pot he gave us a new pot of tea with no charge and we could continue having a great tea to the very end.

Afternoon Tea at The Delaunay (55 Aldwych, London WC2B 4BB)



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