Fallen Leaf

There are many sweets and cakes I made but have not made into my Blog page so far. The sweet I am introducing here is one of them. This is the sweet I created imagining a fallen leaf in Autumn colour, so naturally it was meant for Autumn. Although I was planning to introduce this on my Blog before, there were so many things I had to do between October and just recently so I did not manage to do so. I just want to post this before the end of this year.

‘Ochiba’ – Fallen Leaf

Fallen Leaf2r

It is a sweet made with a traditional Japanese pastry ‘Nerikiri’.  What I made it different from other Nerikiri sweets is that I added extra flavour. It was a flavour of ‘Kinako’ (toasted Soy Beans powder) and Cinnamon. You might think cinnamon seems western in taste but cinnamon is one of the old medicinal herbs Japanese have been using for many years. It brings up a fresh and very special earthy flavour particularly when it’s mixed with Kinako.

I rolled up some smooth Sweet Aduki bean paste with the Nerikiri pastry in Kinako & Cinnamon flavour as if it was a Swiss roll cake and decorated with a piece made into a leaf in Autumn colour on top.

Fallen Leaf3r

This sweet is Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Egg-free.

Fallen Leaf1r

It goes well with any drink such as ‘Matcha’ Green Tea, Milk Tea or Coffee.


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