Steamed Cross Manju

Happy Easter, Everyone! There are many Easter related food and sweets but there is one thing I make every year, which is Hot Cross Buns. I like its spicy taste and the smell filling in the kitchen while you are baking. It is just heaven! I am trying to stop using animal products these days but I love Cream or Clotted Cream on that spicy buns.

This year, however, I decided to make something similar in shape but completely different. The sweet I made was not baked→steamed, not buns→Manju. Got it? I made a Japanese steamed sweet ‘Manju’ with a cross on top.

Steamed Cross Manju

Steamed Manju is good as it is, whether it is hot as just steamed or cold with a bowl of tea or coffee. However, because I made these Manju look like Cross Buns this time I also set it out like the teatime version on Easter.

Cross Manju3

I love seeing lots of steam comes out with great smell when you check if Manju is cooked. Eating Manju right after coming out from steamer is the best.

Cross Manju1

The outer layer is in a dark brown colour because I used some brown sugar which gives a deeper flavour to it. I also used some ‘Tsubu-an’ as the central filling this time.

Cross Manju2

When you have Hot Cross Buns the thing you should not forget is whipped Cream, so I halved the Crossed Manju and put some whipped cream on top.

Cross Manju4

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday, Everyone!!🐰


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