Wagashi Workshop in London (April/19)

How was your Easter? It was very nice that we had great weather for this Bank Holiday weekend. About one week before Easter time six people gathered in a Tea shop in Soho London and my Workshop in April finished successfully. It’s great the daytime is becoming longer now and when we started the Workshop at 7pm the outside is still bright.

Wagashi Making Workshop (April/19)

This time all the participants had tasted my sweets before and we had two workshop repeaters amongst them.


Look how smiley everybody in the workshop is. Of course they looked very serious when they had to concentrate on making the shape of the sweet but quite often we all went in bursting a laughter! It was such a relaxed great atmosphere. It’s great to see everyone was enjoying the time being there.

20190411_194948 (2)Luckily we are still in April so we continued making sweets in spring theme of Sakura Cherry Blossom shape and Spring Field design.

On the first mission of making Sakura sweet, because the last participants in March seemed to struggled a little making the flower shape, I changed the way of shaping it slightly. Maybe it was because of the change, I could see they all did a great job and all the flowers they made looked very pretty.

With a little interval of a Japanese Tea tasting session we moved on to the second sweet ‘Spring Field’. Because the free designing system for the Spring Field sweet in the previous workshop worked well, I did the same for this group again. I made the basic of the sweet in green and white together with them but the rest of the design was all depend on each person. I was pleased to see that some people showed a great artistic flair and created a marvellously interesting sweet.

It was so great to host a workshop which all the participants were keen to learn and also being funny and cheerful throughout the time. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them all.

Spring 1-2

Thank you very much all the people for participating in the class and creating such an enjoyable atmosphere.


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