Strawberry Daifuku

It is a phenomenon to me that there are so many western people who likes ‘Mochi’ these days. Mochi is Rice Cake and usually we make it by pounding glutinous sweet rice. When I looked back at the time when I started making Japanese food and sweet to friends in England many years ago, everybody disliked Mochi. It could be to do with the gooey texture or quite blank taste I don’t know, but even when Mochi was hot or cold, sweet or savoury it didn’t go well. However, now so many people like it or even love Mochi!

Strawberry Daifuku

I have introduced you Clementine Daifuku two weeks ago. It is a very good version of fruity ‘Mochi’ type sweet. Mochi goes well with Sweet Bean Paste and fresh Fruit. But the most known fruity Mochi sweet is this Strawberry Daifuku.

Strawberry Daifuku

I used Sweet White Bean Paste this time. It’s just because I thought white colour creates better contrast with strawberry’s red. However, you can use smooth Sweet Azuki (Red) Bean Paste for this sweet as well. With either Bean Paste it is delicious. You wrap strawberry with Sweet Bean Paste first and then wrap it up again with Mochi sheet when it is still warm and soft. When you have a bite you’ll find out that the sweetness and juiciness of the fruit and flavour of the bean paste meets with soft gooeyness of Mochi. That is a perfect dessert!

This is not a good photo because I could not place strawberry vertically in my Daifuku, but I can tell you that the taste was great.😁


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