Wagashi Workshop in London in July

I have been thinking to have a ‘Wagashi’ Japanese Sweet Making Workshop in London with a summer theme for a long time. Although I was trying to make a plan, there were several obstacles in front of me and it took quite a while to set up an event. I wanted to do my Workshop in July which is the school holiday time so that children can join the activity with their parents.

So, I have finally fixed the day and the venue of my next Workshop. Because I wasted so much time for sorting out the problems, the time I have until the actual day became much shorter than I wanted it to be. I’ve got just TWO WEEKS from today. I hope many people find this workshop attractive and want to join me.


Wagashi Making Workshop in London

  • on: The 25th July (Thursday) 2:00-4:00pm
  • at : The Crouch End Cellars (55 The Broadway, Crouch End, London N8 8DT)

Workshop summer1

These are the Japanese sweets I am going to make in the Workshop. I am going to make Sunflower, Watermelon and Giant Panda. I always love to make a seasonal design so that Sunflower and Watermelon are quite obvious choices for the workshop in summertime. I added a Giant Panda because many people told me that they want to try making animals and it would be an enjoyable shape to make for children too. I am a little worried that Sunflower and Watermelon might be quite tricky and takes time to make but we shall see! I will be there to help everybody, so it should be fine.

The venue this time is a different space from my last workshop but in North London again. It’s actually a Wine shop and I am going to use their nice courtyard space at the back of the shop. I think it is very relaxing to have a workshop in an open air space. If you prefer you can have a glass of wine by your side during the class too.

So, I tell you again. If you would like to join me for this Wagashi, Japanese Sweet Making Experience Workshop, please contact me. And if you are interested in this event but the date is not suitable for you or want to enquire something about this event, please send me a message. I might have another class with the same summer theme soon after if I can gather enough people.

The tickets for my Workshop are available now on Eventbrite (←Click here please!).



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