Sakura Junction’s Sweet Served in a Special Space

This is an announcement, particularly to the people who live in London.

From this April you can enjoy Sakura Junction’s sweet served with tasty Japanese tea in a beautifully Japanese surrounding. This special venue is a Japanese Kimono shop Wasoukan which is located in the Notting Hill area just off Portobello Road. It is a continuation of the Portobello Market that is very popular to many tourists especially on Saturday.

Wasoukan front

The entrance of Wasoukan

Kimono Display

Beautiful Kimono display

This shop is a branch of a Kimono shop from Japan so everything there is genuinly Japanese. Although the shop is a Kimono Japanese clothing shop, there is a counter style cafe at the front of the shop and they serve great selections of Japanese tea including organic Matcha, Sencha, Houjicha, Genmaicha and Mugicha. They are particularly specialised in Matcha Green Tea and the staff serves Matcha tea in a professional Tea Ceremony style in front of the customer.


The Counter Cafe area

Ocha selection copy.jpg

Selections of great Japanese Tea

Chagama copy

Chagama‘ the pot kettle

They have been looking for someone who makes sweets for them. They heard about me and asked me to develop and deliver 2-3 different types of traditional Japanese sweets monthly. Although I have been making Japanese Sweets and selling them occasionally in a seasonal market for a several years this is very different. It is the first time that my sweets are going to be served to a customer in a cafe.

Dorayaki & Matcha.jpg

Sweet & Tea served in the most hospitable Japanese way

In their cafe sweets and tea are served in the most beautifully Japanese way with great care. I love their concept of offering a traditional Japanese sweet and tea in a special environment and manner. The customers enjoy their time and space as well as what they eat and drink.

Sign whole copy

The sign at the front of the shop

This sign is placed outside of the shop during April. Have you noticed? Yes, they are my sweets on the board!!

Sign up.jpg

My sweets are on the sign board

I believe Wasoukan is probably the “ONLY” space in London that serves fresh type Japanese sweet ‘Nama-gashi’. I hope many people will visit this shop to taste and enjoy real Japanese sweets and tea in a unique traditional Japanese environment.

I will introduce you my sweets you can have in the shop in the following post.  😀


Wasoukan Europe:

293 Westbourne Grove, London



6 thoughts on “Sakura Junction’s Sweet Served in a Special Space

  1. I’ve always dreamed of visiting England, ever since I was a little kid. That’s where my mom went to university when she was my age, and it was the first place outside of Japan that she lived. If I ever do get to go to London, I will definitely make my way to Wasoukan! It’s so neat to see such an authentic Japanese shop outside of Japan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t been to Canada either. Really love to go sometime. I love nature.
      Wasoukan is a small shop with a small counter seating area. It is great that the staff makes Matcha Green tea in front of customers. You can have a chat with her/him. It is located just off Portobellolo Road which is famous for the market. Always full of tourists there.


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