Sakura Junction’s Sweets in April at Wasoukan

As I mentioned in my previous post I have started supplying Japanese sweets to a Kimono shop Wasoukan in London. Each month I am going to develop and make 2-3 different types of Japanese sweets for them according to the seasonal theme.

For April the theme was ‘Spring’. With this theme there was only one particular thing in my mind for the sweet and that was ‘Sakura (Cherry Blossom)’ of course. However, there were many ways to use Sakura design in sweets so that I created many different versions and decided on one design finally.

Sweets in Wasoukan

My sweets at Wasoukan Cafe

Sakura (Nerikiri)

Sakura sideB

This is my ‘Sakura’ for Wasoukan for this month. It is made from two layers of ‘Nerikiri’ (a type of Japanese sweet) and with Azuki ‘Koshi-An‘ as the centre. The lower layer is made in a Sakura pink colour and the top white layer with a shade of Matcha Green colour. I created a pressed shape of a Sakura Cherry blossom and also attached a pink petal. It is free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy & Oil.

Sakura Top

Sakura sideA

If you can feel ‘Spring’ from the look of this sweet, it is a great success.

Wakaba (Ukishima)

Another sweet I created was ‘Wakaba (New Leaf)’. It is a Japanese sweet called ‘Ukishima’ with a Matcha Green Tea flavour with ‘Azuki Amanatto (sweet Azuki Beans)’.


It might look like a Western sponge cake but it is actually a steamed Japanese sweet that is free from Gluten, Dairy & Oil.

Since Wasoukan started serving these sweets from the beginning of this month I was interested to know if anybody was going to order my sweets and what the customers reaction might be. After about two weeks of serving time I was told by the shop manager that my sweets have been doing very well. Actually doing so well that she told me that they are going to increase the number of the order, which was great news. 🙂

Now it is already the middle of April so I have to develop new products for May.


10 thoughts on “Sakura Junction’s Sweets in April at Wasoukan

  1. Oh that is such a creative shape for the nerikiri! It’s almost like a cross between nerikiri and sakura mochi! The wakaba look incredible, too. I’ve never tried them before but they look gorgeous 😀

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