Moon Rabbits

I have roughly explained about ‘Chushu‘ (the Middle of Autumn Day) and the Full Moon viewing custom in Japan in the previous post. However, there is another key character in this Story. It is a Rabbit.


In Japan we say there is a Rabbit living on the moon and makes (pounds) ‘Mochi’ Rice Cake on ‘Jugoya‘ the Full Moon. I think the story started because people in the old days saw a Rabbit shape in the pattern on the Moon.


However, there are several stories to back up the thought behind it.

  1. This is a story from India. ‘There were Fox, Monkey and Rabbit in a forest and they wondered why they were not human. They thought maybe it was because they did something bad before so they decided to do something good. One day an old man who was very tired and hungry appeared in the forest. Fox, Monkey and Rabbit wanted to help this guy. Fox hunted some animals and gave him some meat. Monkey climbed up a tree and gathered some nuts and fruits for this man. However, although Rabbit searched around he could not find anything for the old man then he asked the man to make a fire. The Rabbit said “I’m sorry I could not find anything for you so please eat me to survive” and jumped into the fire and died. This old guy was actually a god who came to test the three animals’ good deed. He was so moved by Rabbit’s selfless mind and felt pitty on him. He decided to leave the silhouette of the rabbit on the moon forever’.

2. In China it was said that rabbits were making medicine for immortality by pounding on the moon. When this story came to Japan the story changed that rabbits were making ‘Mochi (Rice cake)’ instead of medicine.

Moon Rabbit

Anyway, it’s time to introduce my Moon Rabbits.


It is Japanese sweet which made of ‘Nerikiri‘ (White Bean Paste with Mochi) and Free from Gluten and Dairy & Oil.


This time I used ‘Kimi-An‘ as the centre which is a yolky flavoured ‘Shiro-An‘ (tastes slightly similar to custard flavour). It looks a bit like boiled egg when you cut it in half.


This Moon Rabbit has been served in Wasoukan Café during September.


2 thoughts on “Moon Rabbits

  1. 日本では雨続きで、中秋の名月はみられませんでした。中秋節は中国では大きな節句だそうで、横浜中華街では月餅のふるまいなども行われたようです。

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    • Miyoさんは満月見ることで着なかったんですね、残念ですね。ロンドンもあいにく十五夜は曇りで、明け方にはそれがドシャ降り雨となり各地で駅などが浸水して電車が欠航となる事態になっていました。今年は台風多いみたいですね、どうぞお気をつけください。


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