Halloween ‘Mochi Ghost’ πŸ‘»

It is getting colder now in the UK. However, before Winter is coming ‘Halloween is coming!’ I attempted making Japanese sweet last year in the Halloween theme. It was … OK but I was not satisfied. So this year I tried harder and these are the result.

Mochi Ghost

I made two types of sweets for Halloween this year. First one is this Mochi Ghost πŸ‘».


This time it is a little cuter side than the last year’s.


It is made of Mochi type sweet called ‘Uiro‘.


It is Free from Gluten, Egg, Oil & Fat.

When I was planning this sweet I had a vision that if you put a knife into this completely snow white Ghost, Red Red Blood is gushing out! So here we go!


The Ghost is in danger!


Oh, NOooooooooooo!

Well, in reality it cannot be like that but you know it is Halloween after all. Even sweets can be a Horror. That was my idea anyway so I added red Damson (Plum) Jam as well as ‘Shiro-An‘ White Bean Paste inside.


Wasoukan Cafe has been serving this sweet by the end of this month. They said that it is very popular. Yay! I heard that their customers are enjoying seeing blood oozing out from the Ghost.

Have a happy Halloween!


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