Trick or Treat! Jack-O’-Lantern 🎃

I made two types of Japanese Sweets on the Halloween theme this year. One of them was ‘Mochi Ghost’ in my previous post and the other one was ‘Jack-O’-Lantern’.



These are my ‘Jack-O’-Lantern’.


It is a type of Japanese sweet called ‘Nerikiri‘ which is normally made of ‘Shiro-An‘ sweet White Bean Paste and Rice Flour. However, I wanted it taste Pumpkin flavour as well as it looks like the shape so that I added some Pumpkin Flakes into the outer layer.

I made some kind of stamps to create the patterns for its eyes and mouth.


Inside is filled with soft & sweet Azuki ‘Koshi-An‘ Bean Paste.


It is Free from Gluten, Egg, Oil & Fat.


Enjoy Halloween Night, everyone! 🎃


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