๐ŸŽ„ Market was a Success!

Our yearly event ‘Christmas Market’ is over!

Thank you very much for the people who came to the Market and stopped by our Sakura Junction stall. My preparation for the market started a week earlier and in the morning on the day I finally wrapped up my sweets for taking them to the venue.

These are some of the little ones.




These Snow Rabbits rather looked like Android Robots just made in a factory waiting to be sent in a film.


With these sweets I headed to the venue. We set up the stall and some visitors started arriving soon without waiting long.


We had a great time and enjoyed meeting lots of people. I felt that more people have started knowing about Japanese Sweets ‘Wagashi’ this year. This is great! Maybe in 5 years’ time I won’t need to explain ‘they are Japanese Sweets’ and everybody will understand it just with the word ‘Wagashi‘.


I did not take any photo of our ‘Chicken Kara-age‘ but it went down very well too. There were some other food stalls and it was a bonanza of Japanese Food! The visitors had some lunch first and looked around to pick interesting Japanese crafts for Christmas presents and then had Tea or Coffee with our sweets and went home with bread & sweets for the following day. It must be a wonderful afternoon for them and it was great for us as stall holders too.


Thank you again to everyone who came to our stall. Sakura Junction is now making two types of Japanese Sweets each month for the Kimono shop ‘Wasoukan‘ (Notting Hill, London). You can have our Sweets with a ‘Matcha‘ Green Tea served in a traditional Tea Ceremony style or taking them home.

We can also make a box set of Japanese Sweets for you or if you hold a small party in Japanese theme I can provide a selection of them for you. Please contact me. Cheers!


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    Melanie xx

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