Raspberry & Chocolate Square

Valentine’s Day has arrived. I have introduced my ‘Raspberry Chocolate Heart’ for this special day in my previous post. Whilst making the Chocolate Heart I got an idea for improving the look of the sweet.

Raspberry & Chocolate Square, Wagashi

This is it! It is using exactly the same ingredients with the previous Raspberry Chocolate Heart but I made it into a little more western sweet look.


Instead of making the shape into a heart, I placed a pink heart on top.


The top and the bottom layer is a Japanese Sweet flavoured with Chocolate. The middle layer is Raspberry-An which is ‘Shiro-An‘ White Bean Paste with Raspberry.


It is Free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy & Oil.


Although it is a kind of Japanese sweet, it goes well with Tea or coffee.


Have a very Happy 💓 Valentine’s Day!


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