Raspberry Chocolate Heart on the Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming. Surely the sweet on the Day has to be Chocolate. According to me, if it is Chocolate sweet the flavour should be Raspberry.

So I made Japanese sweet iwith Chocolate and Raspberry flavour.

Raspberry Chocolate Heart, Wagashi


I have to remind you that this is not a normal Chocolate sweet. It is still a Japanese sweet ‘Wagashi’ with Chocolate flavour. So the ingredients of the outer part is mainly White Beans with Chocolate Powder.


It has ‘Raspberry-An’ centre which is the White Bean paste with Raspberry Flavour.


It is dusted with Chocolate Powder and a sprinkle of Gold Glitter for making the perfect Valentine’s Day.


It is Free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.


This Raspberry Chocolate Heart is served at Wasoukan Café until the end of February.  😀


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