🌸 Sakura, Sakura πŸŒΈ

Wow, time passes so quickly! It is already April and we are officially in Spring! This winter was so mild in England and spring has arrived early too. I heard that in several areas in Japan the symbol of Spring β€˜Sakura’ Cherry Blossom has been flowering slowly this year and still not fully opened, however, it has been flowering everywhere in London. The trees in the park where I live nearby actually lost most of the flowers and leaves are coming out already. Since I was looking forward to seeing beautiful cherry blossom, it is sad that the best season is going so quickly.

Anyway, when this season comes I have to make some sweet in the Sakura theme for April.

Sakura/ Cherry Blossom

So, this is my β€˜Sakura’ Cherry Blossom sweet this year.

Sakura 6

It is β€˜Nerikiri’ sweet which is made of White Beans, Sugar and a little bit of Rice Flour.

Sakura 7-2

For maximizing the scene of spring, I used β€˜Sakura-An’ as the centre. It is ‘Shiro-An‘ sweet White Bean Paste base with some salted Cherry Leaves powder. The slight saltiness gives a little contrast with the sweetness and actually brings out the flavour.

Sakura 1-2

It is Free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.

Sakura 8

It goes well with any tea or coffee but I’d like to enjoy this ultimate spring sweet with a bowl of tasty β€˜Matcha’ Green Tea.

Sakura 5

Enjoy your spring!

14 thoughts on “🌸 Sakura, Sakura πŸŒΈ

  1. Aw I love sakura an! I haven’t had the chance to have it this year, as I’m in Vancouver this spring. Do you make your own sakura an? Maybe I should try!


    • You can make Sakura-an yourself. It is basically Shiro-an with salted Cherry leaves. You chop the salted leaves (the one wrapping ‘Sakura-Mochi’) finely or β€˜leave powder’ like I did and add into shiro-an. πŸ˜‰

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  2. So beautiful and looks tasty! Unfortunately, ‘ε―’γ•ζš‘γ•γ‚‚ε½Όε²ΈγΎγ§’ didn’t work and the weather isn’t good for Sakura this year…. Just started blooming a few days ago and rain followed., and some more rain for the weekend…. 😦

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  3. Beautiful! Sakura are beautiful in Bern as well, I thought of you two weeks ago when they were in bloom (just published an article about “my” Hanami). Can you believe I haven’t tried yet Matcha Green tea?!

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