Halloween Mochi Ghost👻is Coming!

Oh, we are in October now. It is the month that Halloween is coming! Last year I made two types of Japanese sweets for this Halloween month. One of them was Jack-o’-Lantern and the other one was Mochi Ghost. Actually I started making a Ghost like sweet two years ago and then last year’s Ghost was my revenge creation because the first one was not that a great Ghost. I made a blog post and tweeted about it with photos and then actually it got a good reaction from people. I received many great comments regarding the sweet (Thak you!). The Ghost sweet was also served at Wasoukan Café (Notting Hill, London) and the manager told me that that sweet was the best seller amongst all the sweets they had sold last year. I started thinking that I should make this Ghost sweet as my yearly traditional sweet in this season so that I created another one for this year’s version.

Mochi Ghost 👻 2017

I made a little similar one in order to meet the people’s expectation but slightly different Mochi Ghost again. This time it is vertically standing 3D Ghost.

Mochi Ghost2p

People liked the face of the last year’s ‘Mochi Ghost 2016’ so I kept the touch of the smiley face and did not go towards the scary side.

Mochi Ghost5p

However, another Mochi Ghost murder case happened in my kitchen again and …

Mochi Ghost6p

Oh, Nooooooo!

Mochi Ghost7p

When you cut to see what is inside of this Ghost, I wanted to give a bit of surprise!

It is composed of two parts in vivid shocking colours of purple and red. The centre is Sweet White Bean Paste with Purple Sweet Potato and Redcurrant Jam.

Mochi Ghost4p

Yes, the red jam is supposed to be blood which runs out when the body of the Ghost is chopped into two.

It is free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.

Mochi Ghost3p

This sweet is served at Wasoukan Café (Notting Hill, London) until the end of this month.


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