Halloween Black Cat🐱

I needed to make two Japanese sweets for October. It is quite normal that a typical Japanese sweet maker gets an idea for designing their sweet from some seasonal flower/plant/fruit or event occurring during the month. So what is the most significant thing I could use for designing this month’s sweet?

As a ‘Wagashi’ Japanese sweet designer who lives abroad a big event in October is Halloween. I had already decided one of the two sweets would be a Mochi Ghost, but I wanted to make another one in the Halloween theme too. When I was searching images of this theme it became obvious that the second sweet has to be a Halloween cat. It is not an any cat, it has to be a Black Cat.

Halloween Black Cat 🐈

So, these are my Black Cat sweets for this Halloween.

Black Cat1p

It is made with ‘Nerikiri’ type of Japanese sweet which contains only Beans, Sugar, Rice Flour.

Black Cat2p

Although it looks very dark I used sweet Aduki bean paste, which is purple brown colour, as the main material so only a little natural black food colour was needed to add to create this black-ish colour.

Black Cat4p

I wanted to make it look shocking inside too so I chose a bright colour centre to create the contrast for this sweet.

Black Cat5p

It is sweet Pumpkin paste and no colour was used for this bright orange colour.

It is free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.

Black Cat3pp

This Black Cat sweet is served at Wasoukan Café until the end of this month.

Enjoy your tasty ‘Trick and Treat’ 🎃 Halloween!


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