It was a White-Christmas Market

Phew! My annual event Christmas Market has finished. That day London woke up with a snowfall and it kept snowing throughout the day.

Snowy Road 2

After I set up my stall in the hall I realised I had left paper carrier bags which I needed to put my products in for handing them to customers so I had to go back home to fetch them. I was hoping to see a bus passing by and I could hop on to go home but it never happened. London is laughably very weak against the snowy weather. Even with 10cm of snowfall the traffic does not function properly at all. So I had to walk all the way home and come back to the Market venue on a snowy/icy/sleety pavement trying not to slip but in a very hurry. It took more than an hour … It was so tiring.

Snowy Road

Of course the turn out of the visitors was not as great as last year’s but the fortunate thing was that people stayed longer in the venue because they did not want to go outside once they had reached there. It was a cold and miserable day and they had nowhere else to go without any traffic movement. They stayed and ate from lunch through to teatime and our closing time. 🙂

Now I talked enough about the weather, so I have to mention about my market products next.

Christmas Market in a Japanese Theme

I make seasonal Japanese sweets regularly so what I had to put on a table in this Christmas Market was of course something relating to December ‘Christmas’. The sweet I placed as the centre which was surrounded by several sweets I had designed in the last 2-3 months was a ‘Christmas Tree’.

Market Product

Here in London ‘Mochi’ type sweet is getting extremely popular so I made more Mochi type sweets than anything else. Among all the sweets what I particularly made for Japanese people was ‘Yomogi Mochi’ in the following photo.

Market 1

Its outer layer was a Mochi sheet with wild leaves called ‘Yomogi’ that is commonly used for Japanese sweets. I paced ‘Tsubu-An’ sweet Aduki bean paste inside the Mochi layer. It is the simplest and is the most Mochi type traditional sweet amongst all the sweets I prepared for this event. The slight bitterness of the Yomogi leaves goes well as the best contrast with the sweetness of Sweet Aduki beans.

white text

I appreciated that many visitors gave me a great complement about my creations. Those words encourage me to carry on creating a new design.

Anyway, we finished the market around 5pm. At that time some visitors were still gathering in the seating area in the hall. We packed our tables and one by one started going home. It was such a quiet night without much traffic outside. I hope every visitor and the stall holders got home safely without any problem.

Snowy Road.night

Thank you all for coming to support us. Although I had some problems I had a great time and enjoyed meeting you all. See you again sometime in another event and I hope everyone have a very Happy & Merry 🎄 Christmas!!


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