Yomogi Mochi 2018

I made Yomogi Mochi for April. I don’t know why I feel like having Yomogi Mochi especially in spring but I made Yomogi Mochi and posted about it last year too. Maybe because ‘Yomogi’ is wild leaves you can find in a field and we are in the season now that lots of plants are just coming out after being under a cold weather. My Yomogi Mochi this year looks quite similar to the last years. So what is the difference?

Yomogi Mochi, 2018

The outer layer is a ‘Mochi’ type of Japanese sweet with Yomogi leaves mixed in. It has a slightly bitter leafy taste but with sweetness and a bouncy and gooey Texture. As the centre I used ‘Tsubu-An’ Sweet Azuki Beans paste without skin removed during the process. Yomogi and Tsubu-An are just a great combination and I could not think of using any other bean paste for Yomogi flavour.

Yomogi Mochi3

I decorated the Yomogi Mochi with the swirl of bean Cream that was flavoured with ‘Kinako’ toasted Soy beans powder. I have to say Kinako is another ingredient which goes so well with Sweet Azuki Bean Paste. Kinako has a natural yellowy light brown colour so that this bean cream also has a lightly beige colour. Kinako’s slightly nutty aroma is the accent in the flavour.

Yomogi Mochi2

To finish this Yomogi Mochi I placed a small Sakura Cherry Blossom shaped piece on top. It is the Sakura season after all, people should enjoy the Cherry blossoms in every possible occasion.

It’s Vegan and Gluten free.

Yomogi Mochi4

This sweet is served at Wasoukan Café (Notting Hill, Lndon) until the end of April. Enjoy!!


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