It’s the Mother’s Day in Japan

This Sunday, the 13th of May, is Mother’s Day in Japan and the U.S. In the U.K it was the 11th of March this year and will be the 31st of March next year. Although it is not the fixed day in Britain, Mother’s Day in Japan is always the second Sunday of May of each year. So it will be this Sunday for the year 2018.

I guess what we do on the day is universally quite the same. We appreciate our mothers for her hard work, care and love to us. We send a card and a gift to show our appreciation. The gift can be quite often flowers. I heard that this custom originally started in the U.S as the memorial day of a woman who was a peace activist and cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. On her funeral her daughter gave a white carnation to all the attendants of the ceremony. So the carnations became the symbol and the flower to give on this special day for mothers.


For cereblation the Mother’s Day in Japan I created a Japanese sweet in a red Carnation design.

Carnation 7-2

In this photo three of them look almost the same but there is a slight difference.

Carnation 10

One of them has a white base and flower petals created with white edge and the other one has a red base with red petals (partially with white edge).

Carnation 5-2

The one with the red base has a Sweet White Bean Paste filling and the other one with a white base has Strawberry flavoured slightly pink filling inside.

Carnation 8

These two are both Vegan and Gluten Free.

Carnation 6

Have a happy wonderful 💕 Mother’s Day!!


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