Strawberry & Cream Mochi

It seems like when June comes (it means when summer comes to England) I always think about Strawberries & Cream. It may be because it is the month that Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is coming nearer which is famous for ‘Strawberries & Cream’. Last year I made ‘Strawberries & Cream Cup‘ as a Japanese sweet and I made another version of it for this June.

Strawberry & Cream Mochi

They might look like cupcakes but these are Mochi type ‘Wagashi’ Japanese Sweets. This is a Japanese Sweet that goes as close to a Western sweet as it can get. This time I received good revue from the people who tasted this sweet. They said that “it tastes exactly like Strawberries & Cream!”.

Strawberry & Cream Mochi 9

As the naming of it suggests, it is not Dairy free this time and I wanted to add more of a creamy flavour packed inside this little sweet. I created tiny strawberries to decorate the top of each sweet. Although I needed to add some food colouring to get the real strawberry like red colour, I mixed in some fresh strawberry juice to flavour and also help colouring for these little strawberries.

Strawberry & Cream Mochi 3

So, the swirl part is the main Strawberry and Cream. The colour and the flavour of the pink part is all with the fresh strawberries and no colour is added. The white part has the delicious creamy flavour with condensed milk and the two together it is the perfect Strawberry and Cream!

When you halve the sweet you get greeted by some strawberry jam hidden inside that even increases the strawberry flavour of this sweet.

Strawberry & Cream Mochi 4

It’s Free from Gluten and Egg.

Strawberry & Cream Mochi 1

This sweet is served at Wasoukan (Notting Hill, London) until the end of June.


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