Japanese Christmas Market is Coming to North London

There is one annual event that I join as Sakura Junction at this time of a year. It is a Japanese Christmas Market that gets held in North London. This is the only occasion that I sell my Japanese sweets to public and I enjoy chatting and seeing the reaction from people. Last year the day we had the market London woke up in a blanket of snow which continued to fall till the evening. This caused so much difficulty for people driving or parking their car and the public bus services were also all cancelled. So it was disastrous for us that people couldn’t come to the venue even though they wanted to. This meant a very limited number of visitors.

The market is a craft fair so a lot of stall holders sell their own creations which are somethings Japanese related. They will be a great Christmas gift for your friends and families. However, it seems like that the things the visitors are after the most is food, Japanese food! We have several stalls that serve hot meals and sweets so you can have lunch first and look around to find beautiful things, and then enjoy teatime with Japanese sweet in one location.

Poster 2018

I started having a stall in this Christmas market in 2012 so this coming one is going to be our 7th. The products we deal with have been changing slightly from time to time. This year we are going to serve some ‘Wagashi’ Japanese sweets and also one of the popular Japanese street food ‘Gyoza’ Dumpling.

This year’s my Gyoza comes with two types. One of them will be for Vegetarians and the other one is a special one for Christmas. It has Turkey meat with Christmassy seasoning. Have you ever tried Gyoza in Christmas flavour? Actually it works quite well with a soy sauce based dipping with chilli. Please come and try this new flavour!

GYOZA Market. jpg

For Japanese sweets selection I am still working on which ones I should make for this occasion. I will gather my thought and will report back in my next post. Whatever they are most of them will be Vegan or Vegetarian and Gluten free, Please keep an eye on my post!

If you live in London, please come and see me next Sunday, Cheers!!


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