Spring Has Come!

I am so pleased that although the season started a little earlier this year Sakura Cherry blossom is still flowering well. I can see one Cherry tree in my garden in full bloom right at the moment. Some petals started falling down with a breeze but it is creating a beautiful ‘Fuzei’ (pleasantly aesthetic) moment to your mind too. On top of the privilege of enjoying the view of next door’s Cherry blossom, this tree also produces tasty cherry fruit. I hope it will be a great summer for cherries.

So we are in Cherry blossom time. As a Japanese sweet creator I have made several Sakura sweets this spring and this one is the first one I created.


I made this design for a Tea specialty shop in London.


The staff of the tea shop were very happy to serve this sweets to their customers and I heard the customers enjoyed having traditional Japanese sweet with Matcha tea.


It is a ‘Nerikiri’ type of Japanese sweet and I used a ‘Sakura-an’ as the filling inside. It is a Cherry leaves flavoured sweet bean paste which has a slightly saltiness as well as the fresh herbal taste.


It is Vegan and Gluten free.

Spring has come1-2

Sakura Cherry blossom time will continue a little while so enjoy Sakura 🌸 sweets!


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