C shrubChoisya ternata is the shrub which flowers the earliest every spring in my garden. It gets numerous number of tiny white flowers which have marvellous orange blossom like scent. No wonder it’s called Mexican Orange Blossom as the common name. Every spring when I see and smell the flowers I wanted to make ‘Wagashi’ Japanese Sweet of Choisya as the design, however, the timing of their flowering season is somehow always wrong for me and before I decided what kind of design I should make, the flowers were. This spring, I finally managed making one design before all the flowers’ disappeared, however, the problem this year was that I did not have time to write my article about the sweet until now.



Choisya ternata

So, this is the Choisya sweet I finally managed to make.


It was quite difficult to decide how to compose the image of the plant onto a sweet and I had several ideas. I know I didn’t need to create a whole the dome-like shrub, but I thought that the shape of the plant itself with many tiny white flowers is the characteristic of the plant.


I tried covering the surface of the sweet with as many white flowers as possible, but felt it was not enough when you compare it with the photo of the plant. Where and how I place the glossy oval leaves that were sticking out between flowers was the tricky business too.

This sweet is Vegan and Gluten free.


If I can I’d like to try making another Choisya in a different design next spring.


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