Wagashi Workshop in London (May/19)

It is so great that my ‘Wagashi’ Japanese Sweet Making Workshop is becoming almost a monthly event. This time it was at a new venue that was in an interior shop with a beautifully setting located in a quiet courtyard in North London.


Wagashi Making Workshop (May/19)

I had five participants who were willing to join me for this workshop. They are three female and two male, two of which were Japanese. I was very pleased to have this wonderfully mixed group of people.


We were making ‘Nerikiri’ sweet which is often served at a Tea Ceremony. It has got a soft and flexible texture that can be made into decorative seasonal sweets. Two Japanese attendants have eaten the Japanese sweet before but three other people had never eaten the sweet. It means they didn’t know what they were going to make and it would taste like either.

In this workshop I carried on making sweets in the spring theme. One of three sweets was Sakura Cherry Blossom. Although we were already in the middle of May and all Cherry Blossom was gone, Sakura design is one of the most popular shapes to create so I continued making one with these people. This time I added a new task to the participants which was colouring the Nerikiri sweet by themselves in Pink. I thought it would show some more personality in the finished product.

The second design was Wisteria in one of the designs I introduced in my previous post. The plant is in flowering season now and you often see the marvelous purple shower hanging down from a pergola or on a porch above somebody’s house door or fence.

The last tast the perticipants had to do was free designing sweet in the spring theme. I brought cutters in some shapes so attendants could create a design on their own sweet by using all the materials given into any shapes they liked. I always enjoy watching participants going into this task and in this workshop particularly I saw them show a lot of creativity on this small canvas of sweet and it was fantastic!

So it ended rather well. I really enjoyed having this class and it was very satisfying. It was all thanks to the participants who were keen and cooperative.

If you would like to try making your onw sweet, please join me in next workshop.😊


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