‘Mochi Heaven’ Stall Ended!

The Food Market that I had suddenly decided to have a stall has ended three days ago. In the last three years since I started making Japanese sweet for Kimono shop I have heard that so many people saying ‘I looove Mochi!’. As I said in my posts in the past I had believed that Western people didn’t like Mochi and I was wondering ‘is it really true that these people love Mochi?’ So, my mission was finding out ‘How much do people looove Mochi’!

It is always hard work to prepare food for selling but Making Japanese sweets is very time consuming work and I wasn’t sure I how could be ready until the actual Market day. When I have a stall in a food market I normally prepare all kinds of Japanese sweets but this time I could concentrate on creating different flavours for Mochi and that was a good thing for me.


‘Mochi Heaven’ Stall in a Food Market

These sweets in the photo were the main line-ups on my stall.

CE Market2-2

They are all Mochi type sweets in a different flavour from some typically Japanese to new flavours which I invented for this market.

I also made some ‘Dorayaki’ Japanese pancakes for people who are not that adventurous enough to try out Mochi which might be unfamiliar to them. They came in two flavours of ‘Tsubuan’ Azuki (Red) Bean Paste and ‘Matcha’ Green Tea & Milk flavours.

CE Market3

I was planning to make more Dorayaki, however, time ran out for preparation and all the Dorayaki I managed making disappeared very quickly.

I don’t like to leave my sweets in the open air, so for the market in the past, I used to wrap each one up in a small plastic bag to protect from dust and also to prevent them from drying out. However, I’m really concerned about using plastic particularly for single use now, so I kept my sweets in this case for the display this time. When people want to purchase them I wrapped the sweets in a small paper bag. I’d like to go as environmentally friendly as possible from now on.

CE Market1

So, this is the report of my Mochi Heaven stall. I do believe now that people in London do looove Mochi! It was very hard to organise a food market within a week especially with my condition – insomnia, but I managed it in somehow. I have met many people who’s interested in Japanese culture including a small girl about 4 years old who could write some Japanese ‘Hiragana’ characters. I also found some people who’d like to attend my Japanese Sweet Making Workshops so it was a great day for me. Cheers!


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