The Answer is … Zunda Mochi

Mystery edamameIn my previous post I set up a Mystery Sweet Quiz.  It was a simple guessing game to answer what kind of flavour/ingredient this sweet has for the centre filling. Maybe because I posted it on a weekend, it did not get many people’s attention on my blog but I posted the same quiz on my Instagram, twitter and facebook too and several people joined to this game there. Thank you Guys!

(Hint 1) My first hint was this photo of the sweet. I also mentioned that the ingredient was something becoming quite popular in the UK.

The answer, ingredient, is getting really well known in London so I thought somebody would guess it easily, but nobody did.

(Hint 2) The outer look and colour of sweet is usually associated with the flavour of the central filling for my sweets

With this hint people could still not give me the right answer, however, some named quite unusual ingredients in a green colour that I would like to try using sometimes in my sweet making.

(Hint 3) The ingredient is not unusual in the UK anymore and you can find it in a super market, either cooked or frozen these days.

With this third hint one person got the answer quite right. But have you?

Zunda Cream Mochi

So, the answer is that this sweet is Zunda Mochi!

Zunda Mochi

OK, you must be thinking ‘What? I never heard of Zunda! How on earth could I guess that?’ You are right because ‘Zunda’ is not known at all outside of Japan. It is the name of the paste of my mystery ingredient and also the food/sweet with it and I name this sweet Zunda Mochi. So what is the original form of the stuff? The answer is this one!


It’s ‘Edamame’. Edamame are young green soybeans still in the pods and Zunda is the paste form of it. It’s normally used for Japanese sweets.

Edamame mochi2

So this is my Edamame Cream Mochi aka. Zunda Mochi. It has the sweet Edamame paste and whipped cream as the centre filling. I deliberately did not make the bean past smooth because I wanted it taste and remain the texture of Edamame when you eat it. I also dusted the Mochi with the green soybean powder which I had bought in Japan.


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