Cross Manju on Good Friday, Easter

We’ve been having  the perfect weather for the Bank Holiday. When Easter approaches I always want to make Hot Cross Buns and dream to have it with a huge dollop of clotted cream and raspberry jam. However, last year I wanted to make something similar but also quite different from the usual buns. As a Japanese sweet maker I thought I should try making something similar as a Japanese sweet so I made Hot Steamed Cross Manju. It was a steamed buns with Azuki bean paste filling inside.

Cross Manju

For this Easter I wanted to go for a more Japanese sweet and made this one. It still may look quite like a hot cross bun, however, it is a totally Japanese sweet this time. It might be difficult to see its scale but the size of each sweet is very small and it’s about 4cm diameter.


In order to make it look more like a real Cross bun I coloured and flavoured the sweet by adding some ‘Kinako’ roasted soyabean powder. The top is also coloured with cinnamon powder.

Unlike the usual Japanese sweet with bean paste filling inside, I placed sweet Azuki bean paste and also white bean paste on the side. So you can eat it in the same way as a hot cross bun, by halving the Cross Manju horizontally in the middle first and then add some swee Azuki bean paste and white bean paste on top as you like.

It’s Vegan and Gluten free.


Have a Happy Easter and enjoy staying at Home, everyone!


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