Elderflower Mochi

Elder2During the Elderflower season in May I made two things to preserve the loveliness of the flowers. One of them is the famous Elderflower Cordial and the other one is Elderflower Champagne. Both are made in a similar way by keeping fresh flowers in a sugary water with lemon and lime to extract the flavour and the scent of flowers into the liquid. You can make a refreshing summer drink by adding water to a little amount of the cordial.


However, I wanted to have it not just as a drink, I wanted to taste it as a Japanese sweet. I wonder what type of sweet is the most suitable for using Elderflower flavour and then thought it should be definitely soft Mochi.


Elderflower Mochi

As the Mochi sweet with Elderflower flavour, the look has to be very simple and the colour scheme has to be white.

Elderflower Mochi1

I made the sweet white bean past based centre filling that was flavoured with the homemade Elderflower cordial and then wrapped it up with a silky soft Mochi layer.

Elderflower Mochi2

It’s Vegan and Gluten free.

I wasn’t sure how much of the delicate scent and flavour could be kept inside the Mochi, but after just one bite the distinctive floral flavour started emerging. It’s great even after the flowering season’s far gone, we can still enjoy the loveliness of Enderflower. 😋


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