Previously I introduced my Lacecap Hydrangea sweet and this one in another form of my Hydrangea sweet this year. It’s a rather traditional design for this flower as a Japanese sweet, however, I added something unconventional to it!


In order to create colour-contrast I used sweet white bean paste as the centre filling. I also wanted to add some fruity flavour and it’s got smooth blueberry sauce hidden inside.


This sweet is vegan and gluten free.

The great thing is that this sweet is one of the two Wagashi sweets you can have at the moment. It is at The Havan Store (262 Kensington High Street, London). Although you cannot walk into the lovely shop yet, you can get my sweet as a takeaway along with their beautiful Matcha tea. Hooray!🎉 Please try tasting this seasonal sweet when it’s still available.😘💕



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