Hina Mochi

The 3rd of March, was Hina-matsuri the Girls’ Day in Japan. People celebrated the girls’ healthy growth by placing Hina-dolls and having some special food and drink on this day. The most famous meal for this day is Chirashi Sushi with clear soy sauce based soup with clams. Since it is the flowering season of Plum tree, the day is also called Momo-no-sekku which means Plum blossom day. In sweets wise we have Hishi-mochi, a diamond-shaped tri-coloured mochi in green, white and pink, and Hina-rice-crackers etc.


I made a Mochi type sweet for this year’s Hina-matsuri. What I wanted to create was a mochi which reminds of Hishi-mochi sweet.

I made a Mochi as a base and decorated it with sweet bean paste in green, white and pink by creating a swirl over it. As it is for Plum blossom day, I decorated it with a plum flower on top.

For the filling, I wanted to use something a little spring-like flavour. It’s raspberry flavoured sweet bean paste.

I also made this sweet below. Although it might look very similar, the base of this sweet is not mochi. It is a paste-like Japanese sweet called nerikiri.

Hope you all had a lovely Hina-matsuri!


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