Raspberry Mochi Cake / ラズベリー餅ケーキ

There is a Japanese traditional food that is a Japanese favourite but almost all foreign people disliked it. That is ‘Mochi’ Rice cake. Many western people have said that “Mochi is not enjoyable even if it is as sweet or savoury, and however it’s grilled or cooked with sauce”… That is until now. Mochi became very popular just recently at least in London. It has been used as topping on some dessert such as Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream.

Because I knew western people didn’t like the texture I was avoiding to make any sweet with the Mochi texture in London. However, there is huge demand for Mochi nowadays. What is happening? It was so unthinkable before.

So I created this sweet with Mochi and Raspberry to make it looks like a western cake.

Raspberry Mochi Cake

How does it look?

Raspberry mochi Cake three

It is a ‘Shiro-An (White Bean paste)’ with Raspberry jam centre wrapped up with Mochi sheet and decorated with Shiro-An cream with fresh Raspberry on top.

Raspberry Mochi Cake halved

Sweetness of Shiro-An and fruity sourness of Raspberry jam work very well together to be a fresh summer dessert.

Raspberry mochi Cake top

It is free from Gluten, Egg, Dairy and Oil.

Raspberry Mochi Cake two

This Raspberry Mochi Cake is served at Wasoukan Café in London during August.


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