How Japanese’ Mind works in Hot Summer Day – “Shaved Ice with Matcha Syrup”

When it becomes hot and humid in summer, there is only thing comes to Japanese people’s mind.

Summer + Hot = …


Matcha kakigori Shaved Ice with spoon

“Kakigori” Of course!

Kakigori’ is Shaved Ice with some sweet syrup. We love it during a very hot and humid Japanese summer. Japan is composed of a collection of many islands that lies very long from the North to the South so that there is slight difference in weather but anywhere in Japan we cannot escape from the heat and humidity in summer time. So, what do we do? We enjoy eating the food that beats it!Kakigori Nobori

That is the way how Japanese people’s mind work. ‘Kakigori‘ shaved Ice is the best remedy. Actually I have introduced ‘Kakigori with Mango‘ last year (Remember this ↑ flag?). Mango flavour is fairly modern in Japan, so this time I made the most traditional flavour for Kakigori. That is ‘Uji Kintoki‘ flavour.

Uji Kintoki Kakigori (宇治金時)

Matcha Kakigori Shaved Ice whole2

Uji-Kintoki Kakigori, Shaved Ice with Matcha Syrup & Sweet Bean Paste

Uji’ is the name of the city in Kyoto prefecture that is one of the famous places which produces fine Green Tea particularly ‘Matcha‘ Green Tea Powder. ‘Kintoki’ is another name for ‘Azuki Tsubu-An Paste’. The combination of Matcha syrup with Azuki Tsubu-An on top of Kakigori is so called ‘Uji-Kintoki’, and is the nation’s favourite shaved ice in Japan.

Adding ‘Mochi/Shiratama Dango’ and Condensed Milk

Matcha with Azuki Tsubu-An, is good enough for me but I wanted to go over-the-top. One of the things I added was ‘Shiratama Dango‘. It is basically same as ‘Mochi‘ which is one of Japanese ingredients that has become very popular in London. ‘Mochi/ Shiratama Dango‘ is Rice Cake and used as topping on Ice Cream these days. I have posted “How to make Mochi / Shiratama Dango” before so if you are interested in making it by yourself please have a look at my recipe page.

The other thing I added to my Shaved Ice with Matcha syrup is Condensed Milk. You might think “What, Japanese sweet with Dairy product?” but trust me. Condensed Milk goes very well with Matcha flavour.

So here we go!

Shaved Ice with Matcha Syrup, Tsubu-An, Mochi Balls & Condenced Milk

Matcha Kakigori Shaved Ice on spoon 2



(for 1 portion)


1. Make ‘Matcha Syrup’

  • 1 Tbsp. of Mtcha Green Tea Powder
  • 5 Tbsps. of Sugar
  • 4 Tbsps. of Water

Mix Matcha Powder and Sugar in a small bowl. Add in Water and mix well. Heat it up for 1-2 minute till it starts to bubble. Leave the container in a room temperature until it becomes cool enough and chill it in a refrigerator

Matcha on spoon     Matcha Syrup

2. Make ‘Shiratama Mochi Balls’

Mix Glutinous Rice Flour (50g or even less for a person) and water well and make the mixture into small balls in about 2.5 cm diameter by following the recipe

Cooking shiratama   maving to water copy

3. Chill the container to serve Shaved Ice in a refrigerator for 30 minutes or in a freezer for 15 minutes

Chilled glass

* As soon as pouring Syrup shaved Ice starts melting but by chilling the serving bowl will help to delay the melting process

4. Make Shaved Ice and top it up in a chilled container

Ice in a container 2

5. Place Azuki Tsubu-An and Mochi Balls on side of the Shaved Ice

Tsubuan on Plate

6. Pour a few Tbsps. of Matcha Syrup and some Condensed Milk over the Shaved Ice

Voila! Serve and eat it immediately before it starts melting down.

Matcha Kakigori Shaved Ice 1

Matcha Kakigori shaved Ice spoon 2

There is no limit in quantity that how much ice and syrup to use. Basically you can use as much ingredients as you like. If you love Matcha this is very recommendable dessert to try and chill out!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  😀


2 thoughts on “How Japanese’ Mind works in Hot Summer Day – “Shaved Ice with Matcha Syrup”

    • Yes, it’s so nice having Kakigori in hot weather. The problem is the summer that you crave it is normally too short in England. It’s still quite hot this year. Hope it lasts longer 😀


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