Gingerbread City

I wandered into a little wonderland called ‘the Gingerbread City’.


It was a miniature town made of many Gingerbread Houses by different designers and architects.


They were constructed with all sorts of sweets and candies.

Some of them had lighting inside to create a stained glass effect. This one’s handmade glass look particularly caught my eyes.


On closer observation I realised that the handmade glass effect was made with gelatine sheets. Very clever!

It looked like a European town maybe in Denmark. Of course, it is the land that fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen came from!


All the visitors were asked to vote for the best Gingerbread House.


Gingerbread City

The Museum of Architecture

Exhibition dates: 7 – 22 December
Opening times: 10am to 7pm, open every day
Location: 10 Thurloe Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 2RZ


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