Holland Park, Part 3 – The Unexpected Beautiful Thing

It was just a very short trip to Holland Park and I am writing about it in three separate posts. This third post is particularly the extra one and it is because I saw beautiful things in the park which I did not expect to see.

When I looked up a wall I saw some birds perched on top. Can you see what they are?


Here is another one! You might be able to see more clearly.


Any idea what kind of birds they are?

OK, the answer is this beauty.


There seems to be many Peacocks living there. They are flying around and pecking in the flowerbeds.


The beauty of a male Peacock is speechless.


However, I found a female one also has a pretty crown on its head and is very attractive.


So, that’s it! This is the end of my posts about my visit to Holland Park in not yet Spring.

Peacock trimed

‘So, I’m off! See you …’


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