Holland Park, Part 2 – Gardens in Not Yet Spring

After visiting the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park I wandered about the rest of the Park to look for some signs of spring.

The main part of the Park has some formal gardens. Do you know the concept of formal garden means the garden is created in symmetrical patterns? These flowerbeds are placed totally symmetrically so it is a very typical formal garden.

Holland Park 2-4

In England normally the annual plants for the seasonal display gets changed at the beginning of May/June and September/October. So it is far too early to see a colourful display of flowers here but it was nice that this wide area was covered with flowering pretty Daisies.

Holland Park 2-3

In this close up photo Tulips’ leaves are visible. I will probably be able to see another colourful display here if I revisit to this park in a month’s time.

Holland Park 2-7

I just noticed that the flower bud of Daisy looks rather odd. It looks like a sea sponge?!

Another noticeable colours in the garden were from some bulb flowers.

Holland Park 2-6

Of course many daffodils are showing off their beauty.

Holland Park 2-2

Daffodil avenue was very cheerful.

Holland Park 2-1

There is this hut next to the formal garden. It reminded me of the Hobbit house.

Holland Park 2-5

There are some arts and statues placed in several spots but this one was the biggest among all and the most significant one.

Holland Park 2-8

It was sunny when I was looking around in the Kyoto Garden but by the time I reached the rest of the park it became cloudy and so much darker.

I wanted to finish writing about this visit in Holland Park in two posts but there are some extra photos I wanted to share with you. So it continues in Part 3. Thanks for your patients.  😀


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