Daffodil, the Early Spring Flower

Last week the whole of Britain was covered with snow even in London, Devon and Cornwall which is supposed to be the warmest area in UK. It was certainly very cold and as soon as I took my hands out from gloves they froze up. I thought those could be the coldest days I have experienced in England.

But now the severe weather has gone and the sunlight seems brighter. It means we are very closed to in Spring! When we talk about spring in Japan the first thing/flower we think about is Sakura cherry blossom, however, the most noticeable flower in early spring in the UK is the Daffodil. When the weather is warmer I start to feel desperate to go out for a walk. By walking in a park I see some gathering of bright yellow in a flowerbed. It is the unmistakable colour of Daffodils which makes me realize ‘Spring has finally come!’.

Sweet ‘Daffodil’

For the monthly sweet for March I thought there is nothing more suitable as the design than the Daffodil. The colour of this flower is very bright yellow but not too harsh on my eyes.

Daffodil 4

This is a ‘Nerikiri’ type of Japanese Sweet. The main ingredients are just white beans, sugar and rice flour.

Flowering Daffodils are quite often seen in a clump but even just one flower on a single stem looks beautiful.

Daffodil 1

Inside of this sweet white bean paste is placed as the centre and I wanted to add some flavout to it in order to give this sweet some kind of spring flavour. It should be something refreshing and preferably something maybe yellow … And then one fruit came to my mind, Lemon.

Daffodil 13-2

So my Daffodil sweet has some sweet and refreshing lemon flavour.

It is Free from Gluten, Dairy and Egg.

DafFodil 2

This Daffodil sweet is served with a lovely ‘Matcha’ Green Tea at Wasoukan Café (Notting Hill, London) by the end of March.


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