Happy National Tea Day!

Apparently it is National Tea Day in the UK today.  Britain is officially one of the biggest tea drinking countries. People’s day starts from having a cup of tea for breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks and even after an evening meal. Any film or TV drama located in the UK will always have one or more scenes drinking tea with the famous phrase “Would you like to have a cup of tea?”. Although more people have started having a taste for coffee,  people’s love of tea will never dissappear in this country.

There are many types of tea around these days. What kind of Tea do you like? I wonder which tea should I have for this special day?

What I matched with this Rose Japanese Wagashi sweet is this herbal Tea. It is a Wild Berry herbal tea which has a wonderful rosy red colour and full of fruity fragrance.

Rose 3e

Have a lovery Teatime ☕ on this special day!!


2 thoughts on “Happy National Tea Day!

  1. Happy National Tea Day to you too.

    That’s a good combo, you’ve got there.

    I grew up on Barry’s and Tetley, but I find myself prefering genmaicha recently.

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    • No PG Tips then?😄 You are from NY right? I’m surprised that those tea, Barry’s and Tetly, are sold in US! In my daily life, I have English Breakfast Tea for breakfast, Earl Grey for teatime, Sencha green tea for 6-7pm pre-meal-time, cold either Mugicha or Rooibos for dinner time and sometimes herbal tea before going to bed. I know I know, I have too much tea!!

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