Mochi Rose

In February I created a Japanese Sweet in a Rose shape for Valentine’s Day. It was a type of sweet called ‘Nerikiri’. This month I made another rose shaped sweet and this time it is Mochi Rose. ‘Mochi’ is a sticky and gooey rice cake that is getting so popular in London but actually it is not the easiest material to make into some shape. This Mochi Rose is my second attempt in a flower shape by following the Clematis I created in May. I like trying to create something new.

Mochi Rose

Unlike the pink Rose in February for Valentine’s Day, the colour of the flowers I had in my mind for summer is orange and yellow.

Mochi Rose4

The outer layer is the Mochi and it was composed of two parts. I created the rose flower pattern on the surface so you can see the darker orange and yellow colour through the patterns.

Mochi Rose2

I chose the colour in orange and yellow but I wanted to make the flavour also summery Orange, so I added the zest and the fresh juice of Oranges to White Sweet Bean Paste to create the fruity centre.

Mochi Rose7

It’s Vegan and Gluten free.

Mochi Rose6

This sweet is served at Wasoukan’s Matcha Bar (Notting Hill, London) until the end of July.


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