Christmas Wreath

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. Today, one day after Christmas, is called Boxing Day and the Winter Holiday continues in the UK. This year I created two Japanese sweets for Christmas. One of them is Poinsettia in my previous post and the other one is Christmas Wreath.

Christmas Wreath

I had been having some idea of making this design for the last two years but this is the first one I tried to make into a shape. This is my Christmas Wreath.


I am quite pleased that the sweet came out the way I wanted it, even with golden and silver sparkle. It’s made of a type of Japanese sweet called ‘Nerikiri’. It has a certain sticky and bendy texture that is a little like marzipan in off-white colour. For the Wreath part in deep green colour I mixed in some ‘Matcha’ green tea powder.


In order to create the maximum contrast in colour I chose Sweet Azuki (Red) Bean Paste as the centre filling. The taste of the Azuki bean paste goes well with the Matcha flavour of the wreath part.


It’s Vegan and Gluten free.


Enjoy the rest of the Christmas Holiday!


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