Shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day

Today, the 17th of March is St. Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick was the foremost patron saint of Ireland and his death on this date is traditionally a festival day for the Irish community.

The famous symbol of Ireland is a Shamrock so lots of people wear something green on them. I have seen places where people even coloured the river green for this day (which I’m a little against the idea). However, do you really know what a shamrock looks like? I made two types of Japanese sweets for this St. Patrick’s Day that look quite similar but slightly different. So, tell me which one you think is a Shamrock.

Shamrock 6


sham leaves


I admit that maybe it is not the best way to discuss the difference between two plants just by comparing hand-made sweets and not by viewing photos of the real plants. Basically one plant comes with three leaves and the other one with four leaves. Shamrock always comes with three leaves and each one looking like a tiny heart shape.




There is a similar type of plant with four leaves and some people use the image of the plant for this day. This plant really is a Clover. Actually most Clover have three leaves on each stem and people rarely find  four leaves. But when they do it is taken as a good luck sign. By mixing up the happy festival with the lucky charm some people use the four leaves image for this festival.


Surely people in Ireland don’t make a mistake between those two plants. Even in the UK I am sure the barman draws three leaves on top of froth of a pint of stout. I heard some people feel a little offended if they see the wrong image for the festival. But in other areas like the U.S people are more relaxed about the mistake so you often see four leaves signs there instead.


Shamrock and Four Leaves Clover

I made two types of sweets for St Patrick’s Day. One of them with a three leaf is supposed to be Shamrock.

Shamrock 5

And the other one is the lucky four leaf Clover sweet for this Day too.

Shamrock 4

Both sweets are flavoured and coloured with ‘Matcha’ Green Tea and filled with Sweet Azuki (Red) Bean Paste centre.

They are Vegan and Gluten free.

Shamrock 1

Wherever you are Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Cheers!!🍻(←supposed to be stout😆)


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