Mimosa, Mimosa and Mimosa

You might have seen many photos of Mimosa flowers last week and wondered why these flowers now? It was because the 8th of March was the Mimosa Day. Actually it was the International Women’s Day and the flower is the symbol of the day. I was not planning to make any sweets that day but when I heard it was the “Women’s” Day I thought I had to do something to celebrate particularly for this day. I made some sweets with a Mimosa design but I could not take photos quickly enough for posting to my Blog here in time on the Wemen’s Day. However, as I believe “being late is better than never”, so here it is.

Mimosa Sweets

As soon as I had Mimosa’s image in my mind I got some idea. I tried making these three types.

Mimosa 1

The image in my mind was lots of fluffy tiny yellow pompoms on the tips of every branches that reach out with the blue sky as the background.

Mimosa 4

This is a round version. The Blue sky is almost hidden behind the massive yellow flowers.

Mimosa 5

This one is a square version with only a little subtle flowers.

Mimosa 6

And the third version is in the wreath style.

Mimosa 2

They are all with the same ingredients which are Vegan and Gluten free.

Mimosa 3

I think I might have over done the flower part?! Never mind, it is for Women’s Day anyway😆!


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