Two Petals of Sakura

Here is a Japanese sweet ‘Two Petals’. It is a ‘Wagashi’ in the shape of two petals of Sakura Cherry blossom half covering each other. Sakura season seems to be coming to the end in Japan but blossom of some Cherry trees is still hanging on luckily in the UK, maybe because the weather is quite chilly these days.

Two Petals

The greatest thing about Sakura blossom is its colour. Particularly in a mild but bright spring sunlight it gives such a warmth into people’s mind. I wanted to create the gentle gradation on the petal from very light pink to almost white colour.

two 1

The filling inside is ‘Sakura-an’ Cherry leaves flavoured Sweet Bean Paste. It has the scent of fragrant Cherry leaves with a slight saltiness as well as gentle sweetness.

two 3

Sakura Cherry blossoms are always for such a short period. Japanese people love the gorgeous scenery and look forward to the season, but flowers start and fall down very quickly. We see the irony in this short lived beauty which is why we love it more.

Two 2

I wonder what was your Sakura moment this spring?


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