Wisteria – the Purple Shower!

Wisteria on fenceThe “Purple Shower”! This is what people call it. You find it on a pergola, trellis or just above a house porch or fence. You see hundreds of flower pendants in white to bluey purple hanging down during middle to early summer. It has a wonderful scent and attracts lots of bees. They are the flowers of Wisteria.


Although this flower is quite a traditional design as a Japanese sweet, this was my first time that I have tried making a Wisteria sweet. I tried several ways for making Wisteria sweet and these are the two of them. I used a technique called ‘See though’ which is basically two layers of sweet in different colours are placed on top of each other and the bottom colour comes out being viewed by removing some parts of the top layer.


I started from the easiest and this one below is my first design. Maybe I should’ve created more flowers?


My second one is this one below. I used my new Wagashi making tools I had bought in January for this one. I haven’t had much chance to practise using the tools and it was much harder. The theory of the process was so clear in my mind but the reality was a little different. I hesitated showing the result here because I am not satisfied with it and some viewers might be professional Wagashi makers who have been creating perfect Wisteria for ages, but I decided to post the photo as an example of what I created as the first attempt so that I can compare the sweet in the future if I improved my skill.


I made another design with the similar technique today. I haven’t taken photos of the sweet yet so I’m not sure if it looks good as a photo. You shall see …😊


They are Vegan and Gluten free.


Have a happy Purple Shower season!


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