Mochi Tulip

When you make a Japanese sweet in a flower shape or some decorative pattern ‘Nerikiri’ sweet is the most suitable material. It has a soft marzipan like texture and you can colour or flavour it into anything you like. On the other hand ‘Mochi’ type sweet is more for wrapping up a filling so it’s used for something like a ‘Daifuku’ kind of sweet.

That is why I wanted to try making a flower with Mochi type sweet. It was just a quick experiment so this is not meant to be a finalised precise work but as the spring season is coming I tried making a flower with a Mochi kind of sweet.

Mochi Tulip

So this is the result of my little experiment. I don’t know whether it is clearly seen but it’s supposed to be a Tulip flower made with a Mochi type sweet. I had the image of a pure white colour Tulip with a big green leaf. I wanted to create it as a Japanese sweet.


Although that was my theory, I did not make a precise plan for making this sweet. I just went along with how it goes and made this sweet very casually. Since I wanted to make a white Tulip I used Sweet White Bean Paste as the filling. I wrapped it with a few white Mochi layers as thin as I could and placed it by a green leaf part which is also Mochi type coloured and flavoured with Matcha green tea.

After trying this sweet what I can say is that making a flower shape with Mochi sweet is hard. Maybe if I change the texture of the Mochi I might be able to make a more detailed flower. We shall see …


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