Wagashi Workshop in London for Halloween

October poster2It was already two weeks ago. Just before the Halloween night came I had hosted my Japanese Sweet Making Workshop in the Halloween theme. As you can probably imagine it was such a fun class with all the fun loving participants. We gathered in a newly open shop in Kensington High Street on Saturday morning. I planned to make three sweets for this day. Although one of them was originally the purple flower in the photo on the right side, I got the better idea in the last minute and three designs we created were Jack-O’-Lantern, Ghost and Frankenstein’s Monster.


Wagashi Making Workshop in the Halloween Theme

So all of us sat comfortably at the table at my new workshop venue that is a lovely shop with lots of Halloween related decoration. The owners of the shop love Halloween and also Japanese culture so it was the perfect venue and they were very enthusiastic about this event.

Hallo 12

We started making from the Ghost which was the easiest amongst all the designs for the event. It just needed to use one tool you can find in your home. Can you guess what the tool was? By adding pink dots on its cheek all the Ghosts became very adorable.

The second one we made was a Jack-O’-Lantern. For creating this design you need to use a traditional Japanese sweet making tool with a little bit of technique I decided to use to create the soft round shape of the pumpkin.

The last sweet was a Frankenstein’s Monster, which was the newest addition to my Halloween design collection. I prefer using the ingredients and tools which are accessible to the people especially in London and this one was also a design you can make with some kitchen tools. The interesting thing was that the each creation showed the participants’ personalities. Someone created the Monster looking like a character in a Lego Movie or Hulk and some other made it into a Dracula Monster! I love the workshop when people become a little creative.


After the class finished a mother and her young daughter who live locally popped into the shop and said the daughter had really wanted to join the workshop but didn’t. It was because I had mentioned that the age limit for the participants was over 15 years old. The activity in the workshop is fun to anybody and quite ageless so I will now let people over 12 years old join the next workshop.

There is great news for the people who missed this workshop. My next workshop is already fixed. It is in the Christmas theme and will be at the same venue.

Chris ad

I will post the details soon. If you are interested, keep tuned in!


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