‘MOMIJI’ Japanese Maple

What I like about Japanese sweets is that they are so seasonal. The colour, design and ingredients are all reflecting the season. For instance in spring we create lots of Sakura Cherry blossom sweet and in November it is officially Autumn so we make sweets of Autumn colour.

‘Momiji’ Japanese Maple

One of the most famous plant leaves in Autumn colour is the Japanese Maple. It is called ‘Momiji’ in Japanese and is famous for its leaves having the beautiful shape with the most delicate cut and it changes the colour into a very vivid red colour amongst all Acer family.

Momiji 3

I made a Japanese sweet into the Japanese Maple shape. I also made baby Ginkgo leaves to accompany the Japanese Maple sweets to go with it.

It’s got smooth sweet Adzuki (Red) bean paste as the centre filling.

Momiji 2

it’s Vegan and Gluten free.

Momiji 4

I am going to announce in the following post that these Japanese Maple sweets are available at a Matcha Bar of The Havan Store (262 Kensington High Street, W8 6ND London) during November.


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