It’s a Watermelon indeed!

In the previous post, I introduced my Mochi Watermelon. It’s a Mochi-type Japanese sweet which looks like a Watermelon on a tiny scale. So on this post, I’d like to show you what the inside of the sweet looks like.

The inside of Mochi Watermelon

So this is what the inside of the sweet looks like.

Does the inside of the sweet look like a Watermelon too? For making the centre filling I added as much Watermelon juice as I could so it also tastes like the fruit.

For the Watermelon seeds, black sesame is added in to the centre filling. When I was making this I wondered if the texture of sesames might be distracting in the mouth, however, it gives a small crunch when you eat it which is a pleasant surprize.

This sweet is Vegan and Gluten free.

This Mochi Watermelon was one of some other sweets served at a lovely shop called the Havan Store (262 Kensington High St, London W8 6ND), however, I was just told that it’s all sold out now! Brand new mochi is lined up for the shop so their sweet cabinet will be filled with more mochi very soon.


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