News: My First Wagashi Making Workshop is Coming!

This is a rather exciting news to announce. I am going to have my first ‘Wagashi’ Japanese Sweet Making Workshop. In the last two years I had been asked by several people who are curious and keen to learn how to make Japanese Sweet whether there would be a possibility of me teaching a class. Just recently the opportunity suddenly arose so I grabbed it. That is why the date was decided very quickly and it is rather short notice.


‘Wagashi’ Japanese Sweet Making Workshop

on: the 10th of June (Sunday), 10-12AM

at : Wasoukan (293 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill,  London W11 2QA)


My first workshop will be held at the Kimono shop that has been serving my sweets for two years. They have a counter type of Matcha Bar at the front of the shop. It is a very cosy space in a unique Japanese atmosphere. The counter is quite small so the participants are limited to a very small number. I wondered what kind of design I can show the participants how to make. And these are the sweets I decided that we are going to make together!

Wagashi Workshop b2

Workshop 2CThis time I am going to show how to form ‘Nerikiri’ type of Japanese sweet. It takes so many processes and time to make Nerikiri so that the participants can join me to do the most fun part of making it – Shaping.  I think these three are quite simple to create and look pretty too.

Workshop 2AFor making Wagashi Professional Wagashi makers use several traditional tools. You can buy them online but they are quite expensive even in Japan. However, we are having a workshop in England not in Japan. I think there’s no point introducing the tools you cannot get easily in England to people so I would like to show them how to shape traditional Japanese sweet by using some usual tools you can find in your kitchen or shops here in London. That is my plan anyway.

Workshop 2BIt is great that more and more people in England are interested in Japanese sweets. I hope this workshop will be fun for everyone participating.

This Workshop is available for two more people. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me. Cheers!🍡🍵


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